Sienno complex, Szczecin 2008

Housing-Service Developments on Łączna – Kukułeczki Street in Szczecin

The designed building development consists of 14 multifamily residential buildings and one residential-service building. The intention of the designers was to create an urban-architectonic complex with a coherent appearance that would have the character of a suburban residential development, with all the elements of land development characteristic for a small town. Land configuration and sight advantages have been used when forming the urban composition. The estate has been divided into 3 parts – routes: north, central and south. They open either towards the space outside the complex, or towards its most interesting inner elements.

Ryszard Burbicki, Dominika Bogdanowicz- Czaplicka, Maciej Gardiasz, Grzegorz Ferber, Ewa Sadowska, Daniel Strzeszewski, Marcin Jackowiak
Szczeciński TBS Sp.z o.o.
Land area
2,8 ha
Total area
15 500 m2
Number of flats