Main Railway Station, Szczecin 2005

Programme and Spatial Concept for the Main Railway Station in Szczecin and the adjacent areas 

The design has been ordered by the city in the scope of the search for development opportunities for the Polish State Railways (PKP) Main Station in Szczecin. We have decided to change the location of the train station so as to adapt the station hall to the position of the platforms. The idea of the new station was to create a “bridge” over the platforms that would link the upper city terrace at the end of 3 Maja Street with the lower level on the bank of the Odra River. This idea has been developed at the suggestion to link both river banks by using a footbridge with the accompanying functions added. The design has provided for the building of a new service-commercial-office quarter from 3 Maja Street, in the place of a now empty and squalid area. At the same time, it has been assumed that the renewal of the tenement buildings located on the upper terrace, building development concentration, partial demolitions and the building of a passage leading to the station hall are to be carried out.

Grzegorz Ferber, Andreas Guskos, Marcin Jackowiak
UM i Gminy w Szczecinie