Chopin Centre 2006

“Chopin Centre” Museum

The designed Chopin’s Centre building is located in Warsaw City Centre on a plot within the Tamka Street frontage, near the historic Ostrogski Palace. The design provides for a building location in the place of an existing town house, while its front wall will be left unchanged. The new building adds height to the existing town house so as to match the height of the adjacent buildings. The architectonic concept is based on the principle of  a neutral, transparent form of modern superstructure in an old building that contrasts with its historic character. The building’s lightness and transparency combined with “strained” strings of glass curtain divisions refers to the character of the great artist’s music. An internal skylight ensures better illumination in the building and the  roof of the object is used for the purposes of a small, outside concert hall.

Ryszard Burbicki, Marcin Jackowiak, Adam Zwoliński
Land area
0,03 ha
Total area
2 300m2