WDS swimming pool, Szczecin 2007

Olympic-sized swimming pool

Within the area of SDS it is planned to modernise and develop an existing sports hall and to pull down other facilities. New facilities will be built to replace them. The future complex is to consist of the following parts: sports swimming pool, recreational swimming pools, sports hall with gym, a row of shops, fitness and biological regeneration rooms, and technical infrastructure, squares, walkways, access roads and parking lots, and high and low greens. The design  respects the structure of the  original location  of objects, which has been established in theconsciousness of residents using the facility. That’s why, among other things, the location of the main entrance from Wąska and Felczaka Streets will remain unchanged.

Ryszard Burbicki, Dominika Bogdanowicz-Czaplicka, Marcin Durys, Marcin Jackowiak
UM Szczecin
projekt konkursowy - III nagroda
Land area
1,0 ha
Total area
10 tys m2