Słubice Shopping Mall 2011

Shopping mall at Kościuszki Street in Słubice

The area chosen to erect the shopping centre is situated in the very centre of Słubice near the border crossing to Federal Republic of Germany and in the vicinity of Collegium Polonicum. The conxcept of the composition  involves filling up an empty quarter and building a clear façade, which would be the continuation of the existing frontage on Kościuszki Street. Our intention has been to create a modern object, which would mobilise a run-down  part of the city and give it new quality. The designed building has four storeys, while one storey is an underground parking lot, and the other  storeys are intended for a commercial-service function. Within the passage, the designers have planned openings in the ceilings between storeys, making an impression of shared space and allowing the other storeys to be viewd. The main part of the passage is covered with a large dome bringing natural light into the passage. The building shape is compact and its size is fitted to adjacent developments. Protruding individual storeys make the shape more attractive. Building corners have been strongly marked by curves and introduced horizontal divisions in the form of aluminium strips.

Ryszard Burbicki, Marcin Jackowiak, Małgorzata Rucka, Dominik Górski, Hanna Tapałaj
EuroCentrum Sp. z o.o.
Land area
9 200 m2
Total area
24 500 m2