Philharmonic, Szczecin 2007

The designed Concert Hall building is located in the centre of Szczecin, at Solidarności Square. The viewing axis between the office building in PŻM Pazim shopping centre, St. Peter and Paul gothic church and the Castle of the Dukes of Pomerania has been taken as the basic urban guideline. The building is to work as a link between important parts of the city – a service-commercial centre in the vicinity of Rodła Square and cultural centre near the Castle. The facility complements the frontage of Małopolska Street with the main entrance from Solidarności Square and an additional entrance from Rodła Square. The internal courtyard  around a historic tree may be used for outdoor events. The concert Hall is to constitute a sculpting feature closing the  northern frontage at Solidarności Square properly. The building shape is expected to form a strong spatial mark that would organise the space of Solidarności Square constituting a kind of “gate to the world of music”. The shape has been cut through by an internal circulation route that ensures a view opening up towards the Castle and Pazim office building.

Ryszard Burbicki, Marcin Durys, Marcin Jackowiak, Adam Zwoliński
UM Szczecin
competition project
Land area
0,38 ha
Total area
12 500 m2