Colleoni Square, Szczecin 2002

The design is the result of a competition work. We have designed a multifunctional city square as the environment to locate the Colleoni monument brought back to Szczecin. The  Ggradual raising of the square floor of the square  towards its edges has allowed us to obtain a space attractive for use, and acoustic and visual insulation  from a roundabout surrounding the square. For this purpose we have kept and expanded urban the greenery programme at the edges. The monument has been located centrally on a historic base as an element visible from the radial streets. The square space arrangement differs depending on changing conditions. Considering this, places have been provided in the ground to allow for the installation of temporary folding pa-vilions, boards, screens, etc. A water sheet has been designed around the monument.

Grzegorz Ferber, Andreas Guskos, Marcin Jackowiak, Krzysztof Ostoja - Hełczyński
UM w Szczecinie
projekt konkursowy - I wyróżnienie